Filtered Mirroring allows certain packets to be selected for mirroring, rather than all packets ingressing or egressing a particular port.

With this feature, user can fetch various internal hardware drops info from each switch and isolate the switch or

DCS 7280E. Arad QOS MAP:. This command assigns the DSCP rewrite value of 37 to traffic classes 2, 4, and 6.

Dynamic resizing of nexthop groups, as the name suggests, is a feature that enables a nexthop group to dynamically

This feature provides the capability to count the number of packets hitting rules associated to egress ACLs applied

IP in IP decapsulation was first introduced for the supported platforms(below) in EOS version 4.15.0F (IP in IP

This feature enables detection of abnormal system flows (total in vs. out packet counters) by showing packet loss

The DCS 7280E and DCS 7500E platforms are virtual output queue (VOQ) based architectures where there is a VOQ for all

Policy-Based Routing (PBR) provides the flexibility of routing according to custom-defined policies

In our current implementation, on a switch with default startup config or no config, all ports come up in access

The NAT Application Gateway (ALG) feature allows FTP connections between client server to be translated using

The EOS Event Manager feature provides the ability to specify a condition and an action to be carried out when that

EOS 4.15.3F adds support for configuring auto cost in OSPFv3 for routed ethernet interfaces and LAG interfaces.

OSPF Non Stop Forwarding (NSF) adds support for Graceful OSPF Restart, IETF RFC 3623 .  With OSPF Graceful Restart

This feature provides the capability to mirror special L2 control frames, called the Pause or Priority Flow Control

DCS 7050X/X2/X3 series. DCS 7060X/X2/X3 series. In previous releases, PFC Watchdog supported only queues

Port Security: Protect mode (PortSec Protect) is newly added to the Port Security feature and is designed to restrict

The broadcast queue towards the CPU is shared among all interfaces of the forwarding chip. So broadcast storm on a

Selective Q in Q tunneling feature allows a set of customer VLANs (hereafter referred to as c vlan(s)) to be tunneled

Hardware Head End Replication (HW HER) optimizes flooding of inter VTEP broadcast, unknown unicast and broadcast

This document describes VXLAN routing with overlay VRFs on the DCS 7050X platforms. The feature allows users to