This feature allows exporting IP-in-IP tunnel counters through the OpenConfig AFT YANG models.This exporting IP-in-IP counters feature is supported on all platforms, however counting the IP-in-IP tunnel packets is supported only on DCS-7500R3, DCS-7280R3 and DCS-7800R3 series. 

This feature allows exporting the route count by protocol, i.e., a summary of routes, in the FIB (Forwarding Information Base) through the OpenConfig AFT YANG model.

This feature introduces a flag to indicate to a gNMI client that the FIB (forwarding information base) or IPv4/IPv6 unicast AFT (abstract forwarding table) have converged and the snapshot is consistent with the device.

This feature allows IP FIB (Forwarding Information Base) export through the OpenConfig AFT YANG models.