This feature serves as a valuable tool for pinpointing the nature of network traffic at a device under congestion. By mirroring packets from congested queues to a designated mirror destination or CPU for analysis and monitoring, it provides network administrators and operators with the capability to gain an understanding of the traffic contributing to the congestion.

Arista switches provide several mirroring features. Filtered mirroring to CPU adds a special destination to the

For packets received on the front-panel interfaces and delivered to the CPU interface, this feature allows creation of a profile to configure buffer reservations for the egress CPU queues in the MMU (MMU = Memory Management Unit which manages how the on-chip packet buffers are organized).

By default, when an SVI is configured on a VXLAN VLAN, then broadcast, unknown unicast, and unknown multicast (BUM) traffic received from the tunnel are punted to CPU. However, sending unknown unicast and unknown multicast traffic to CPU is unnecessary and could have negative side effects. Specifically, these packets take the L2Broadcast CoPP queue to the CPU.