4.29.1F adds Latency Analyzer (LANZ) support to the Arista SwitchApp on 7130 series. LANZ monitors SwitchApp internal buffer congestion. When the number of bytes in a buffer is over a high threshold, a congestion start event is created. When the number of bytes in a buffer is below a low threshold, a congestion end event occurs. LANZ on SwitchApp does not report any congestion update as the buffer sizes are too small for it to be meaningful. As SwitchApp comes in different profiles, each profile has a different hardware behavior due to the underlying architectural difference.

LANZ SwitchApp 7130 EOS 4.29.1F

SwitchApp is an FPGA-based feature available on Arista’s 7130LB-Series and 7132LB-Series platforms. It performs ultra low latency Ethernet packet switching. Its packet switching feature set, port count, and port to port latency are a function of the selected SwitchApp profile. Detailed latency measurements are available in the userguide on the Arista Support site.