Date: January 28th 2015

1.0 January 28th 2015 Initial release

Arista 7000 Series Products and Arista EOS are not remotely exploitable by CVE-2015-0235

On Jan 27th, information was released about a security advisory for the glibc function __nss_hostname_digits_dots() which could be called via gethostbyname or other similar functions. This vulnerability could allow for a buffer overflow and code execution in affected applications.

A number of customers have contacted Arista Networks, asking if their Arista products are susceptible to the vulnerability. After examining our code base we have determined that we are not vulnerable to remote attackers attempting to make use of this exploit.

Please note that there are several features that use hostnames that are configurable by the switch administrator and may be vulnerable to this CVE. These features require an exec privilege (configuration) level access to set the hostname. Administrators with exec access are already trusted users.

Arista Networks plan to integrate fixes to glibc for currently supported versions of EOS to remove this issue in future versions.

BugID 110326 addresses this issue.

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