The capabilities of TCAM-based features, such as ACLs, to match qualifiers and perform actions on traffic is dependent on the TCAM profile configured on the switch. Sometimes the TCAM profile does not support all qualifiers or actions configured in a feature. In the case of PACLs and RACLs, the unsupported operations are logged and warned. This document describes enabling strict handling of such PACLs and RACLs, resulting in errors upon their configuration.

ACL Rollback TCAM Profile EOS 4.30.2F

Slice reservation can be used to solve TCAM resources limitations due to suboptimal group order in the TCAM because of the FCFS (First come first serve) nature of the TCAM. The user will be able to reserve a certain amount of entries in the TCAM for a specific feature.

This article describes how to configure a TCAM ( Ternary Content Addressable Memory ) profile for ingress filtered mirroring sessions. This profile allows mirroring sessions to use less TCAM resources by individually selecting the allowable match criteria.

This article describes how to customize TCAM ( Ternary Content Addressable Memory ) lookup for each feature which uses TCAM.