Tools to Manage and Update Images

A number of tools are available to help manage and update images and insert ISO to the Virtual Machine (VM).

Upgrade the Host Image

Arista provides an ISO with all updated packages and a tool to mount the images ISO and upgrade the system.

Note: This process may reboot the CVA.

To upgrade the Host image, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Download the mfg tgz tools (arista-cv-<version>-mfg.tgz).
  3. Extract tar -xvf arista-cv-<version>-mfg.tgz. This ensures you have the new version of
  4. Download the update ISO.
  5. Run the upgrade CV appliance tool.
    ./ -i <Arista Cva Update Iso>
    $ ./ -h 
    usage: [-h] [-i ISO] [--fixNw] [-vm] [-f FORCE]
    Upgrade CVA
    optional arguments:
    -h, --helpshow this help message and exit
    -i ISO, --iso ISO Path to ISO
    --fixNw Fixes CVA network config to what is expected Does not touch devicebr config.
    -vm, --vm Used for CVA VM emulation - NOT for H/W CVA
    -f FORCE, --force Forces the command. Skips user interaction

Single Node CloudEOS and vEOS Router Appliance

To upgrade a single node CVA, perform all the steps listed in Steps to Upgrade the CVA. After the CVA host comes up, and after rebooting the system from the last step of upgrade, allow 20 minutes for the CVP application to be accessible again.

Multi-Node CloudEOS and vEOS Router Appliance

Perform a rolling upgrade to update the CVA systems in multi-node configuration. Perform all the steps listed in section Steps to Upgrade the CVA from the start to finish on only one of the CVAs at a time. After the upgrade, wait for all the VMs, (CVP and CVX) to be fully up and running (CVP takes 20 minutes to be up from reboot). Verify that the CVP is accessible. After the verification, proceed to upgrade the second CVA host in a similar fashion and then the third CVA.

Note:Process only one CVA upgrade at a time in a multi-node system.

Steps to Upgrade the CVA

  1. Download the tools mfg tgz (arista-cv-<version>) from Locate the inside the tgz
    tar -zxvf cvp-<version>-kvm.tgz
  2. Run the upgrade executable.
    ./upgradeCva-<version> --force
    Note:The version can be verified after upgrade using the "version" command.
    # version
    CVA Version: