Arista 提供了一种新的 TAP 聚合方法来提供对高密度、非阻塞的 10/40/100GbE 网络的监视、可见性和分析,配备屡获殊荣的 Arista EOS® 软件,在构建云规模监视的经济性方面提高了一个数量级。

使用 DANZ 的新一代 TAP 聚合使得能够以经济有效且无损的方式监视所有数据中心网络流量,同时仅捕获和分析需要的流量。 与传统的数据包代理相比,DANZ 凭借一流的业务价值,降低了 CAPEX 和 OPEX。 通过 DANZ,客户可以将不透明的数据中心流量转化为可见,以获得更好的应用程序和网络性能管理、流量记录和分析、安全威胁检测和缓解、合规性和故障排除。

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Arista 的 TAP 聚合功能提供构建监视网络的能力,从而提供对网络和应用程序性能的无处不在的可见性。 Arista 的 TAP 聚合架构提供的功能包括:

  • 高密度、非阻塞、线速 10/40/100GbE 数据包捕获,高级流量管理功能,用于网络流量的无损监视
  • 可见性解决方案中的监视操作的可编程性,这些解决方案都基于经过验证的开放式交换平台,没有专有构造或不灵活的设计
  • 高级网络数据包代理功能
  • 支持新兴的网络虚拟化模式(例如,VXLAN、NVGRE)来维护对超动态虚拟化公共和私有云中的任何工作负载的可见性

Arista 数据分析器 (DANZ) 解决方案提供可扩展的端到端网络和应用程序监视,具有超常的灵活性和准确性,同时能够使现有第三方监视工具直接同捕获的数据集成。

Predictive, App-aware, Flow Intelligence for Pervasive Observability

DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) is a next-generation network packet broker (NPB) architected for pervasive, organization-wide visibility and security, delivering multi-tenant monitoring-as-a-service. DMF enables IT operators to pervasively monitor all user, device/IOT and application traffic (north-south and east-west) by gaining complete visibility into physical, virtual and container environments. Deep hop-by-hop visibility, predictive analytics and scale-out packet capture — integrated through a single dashboard — enables simplified network performance monitoring (NPM) and SecMon workflows for real-time and historical context, delivering a one-stop visibility solution for on-premise data centers, enterprise campus/branch and 4G/5G mobile networks.

To learn more, download the DMF Datasheet or test drive online at DMF Labs.


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TAP Aggregation Cloud Solutions Powered by Arista EOS Software

DMF - Pervasive Observability

  • One logical Network Packet Broker (NPB): Eliminates tool silos by centralizing tool farms
  • Zero-Touch Fabric Operations via DMF Controller: Automated, Built-in workflows for Day0 / Day1 / Day2 Operations
  • Scale-out, leaf-spine fabric design: Institutes a “Build as you grow” model leveraging horizontal scale-out fabric architecture
  • Resilient design: Ensures policy intent in the event of device/link failure for continuous visibility.
  • Monitoring-As-A-Service: Policy and delegated administration across multi-tenant NetOps/SecOps/DevOps tool owners
  • Mission-critical monitoring design: High-performance, high-density and deep-buffer 10G/25G/100G platforms at Ethernet economics

DMF - Integrated Contextual Insights

  • Comprehensive Flow Intelligence: Presents enterprise-wide actionable insights, deep visibility, and security analytics via intuitive, flow-aware dashboards.
  • Network Time Machine - Integrated real-time and historical network analysis, traffic recording and replay for security and performance monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics for Autonomous IT: Enables network and application performance analysis and capacity planning
  • Intelligent alert and notification engine: Provides real-time issue tracking and dramatically improves “mean time to resolution”.
  • Application Dependency Mapping for Enhanced Reachability Analysis: Visualizations for app-to-app communications

Arista offers a new approach to TAP Aggregation that delivers security, availability and data analysis for high density, non-blocking 1G to 400G networks at any scale– all powered by Arista EOS® software to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in the economics of building cloud-scale visibility.

Next generation TAP Aggregation using Arista CloudVision® with Arista Data ANalyZer (DANZ) makes it possible to cost-effectively and losslessly monitor all datacenter network traffic, while capturing and analyzing only the traffic that is needed. DANZ is a precision visibility architecture that can scale to thousands of access points and hundreds of Terabits bandwidth.

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TAP Aggregation Cloud Solutions Powered by Arista EOS Software
TAP Aggregation Cloud Solutions Powered by Arista EOS Software

DANZ EOS lowers CAPEX and OPEX versus traditional packet brokers or in-band monitoring approaches with its cloud-scale architecture, best-in-class business value and deep lossless visibility features. DANZ provides both an in-band and out-of-band telemetry and packet capture architecture, not available in lower scale, proprietary add-on visibility fabrics. With DANZ, customers can transform opaque datacenter traffic into comprehensive visibility for security threat detection and mitigation, application and network performance management, service availability monitoring, traffic recording and troubleshooting.

Arista DANZ EOS delivers TAP aggregation capabilities with the same highly scalable platforms optimized as Arista’s Universal Leaf and Spine, including:

  • Support for up to 576 ports of 400G and 2304 ports of 100G/50G/25G/10G in a single non-blocking platform that simplifies deployment by providing higher density and capacity with fewer devices
  • Programmability and automation provided on Arista’s proven open switching platforms, including: 7800R3 Series, 7500R3 Series and 7280R3 Series without proprietary fabrics or inflexible designs
  • CloudVision as a single point of control for provisioning, orchestration and real-time telemetry for both the TAP Aggregation network, as well as the general purpose data center network infrastructure.