AAA Providers OAUTH and SAML Support AAA Providers allow users to create and log in to CloudVision with a provider of

With 2021.3.0, CVP Shell allows configuring NTP servers which support symmetric-key authentication.

CloudVision users are now able to automatically execute a change control on approval. In an effort to decrease the

Reviewing proposed changes across a large number of devices, especially when trying to identify changes that are

Introduction Change Control Template is a new feature that enables you to build a framework for change

Studios is our new and powerful tool for managing the configuration of network features. Through a point-and-click interface, you can quickly and easily complete complex tasks without the need for a CLI or any expertise in configuration syntax. It is fully customizable, meaning that you can create and edit your own network features for configuration. This gives you complete control over the configuration of your network.

This is an expansion of the ‘Endpoint Search’ feature introduced in the Howard Release. For more information on

CloudVision uses EAPI to communicate with EOS devices. In the case of onprem deployments, CloudVision supports two

MSS G or Group Based Segmentation Security is a security feature that allows users to classify endpoints into

Scheduled change control allows users to specify the time in the future at which a change control would be executed.

As of 2021.2.0, inband telemetry support was added for the topology flows feature. Inband telemetry provides

July 2021 Support for inband telemetry (GreenT/INT) data has been added to the existing Traffic Flows view for the