Agile ports allow users to connect 40G interfaces on 7130 products utilizing multiple SFP ports per 40G capable interface. This enables 40G capable applications, such as MetaConnect and MetaWatch, to operate at that speed.

Arista’s DCS-7130B series of switches are network devices designed for ultra low-latency applications along with a suite of networking features.

For an octal port such as a QSFPDD or OSFP, this feature renumbers the ports on a system to have 4 configurable

The on boot link override feature adds support for keeping interfaces down at switch boot until the correct interface state can be determined by feature agents. Keeping the interfaces down through device boot will protect against transient traffic loss by preventing downstream peers from detecting a transient interface up and sending traffic to the device. 

Interfaces will transition into an error disabled state due to reasons like excessive link flaps or speed mismatch. A