Engineering @ Arista Networks

What's cool about being an engineer at Arista?

Across all parts of the engineering team, we put a premium on building and using tools that make everyone super-productive. We automate whenever we can. Why test things manually when you can develop a lab full of automated servers to do it for you 24/7. (We run hundreds of thousands of automated tests every day!) This translates into getting new features and products (and revenue!) quicker and with a smaller team.

Our engineers are empowered with full responsibility for their projects. Our management structure is flat and lightweight -- you are in charge of delivering your work from design to code to test to customer shipment.

We value openness -- no part of the company is off-limits, meaning that our engineers have the chance to work directly with customers, participate in sales meetings, go to trade shows, recruit on campus, and deliver an amazing product.

What do you like most about Arista?
"Arista encourages you to work the way that works best for you, whatever editor, OS or sleep schedule that that may require."

Software Engineer B.A, UC Berkeley Computer Science

What did you work on as a coop at Arista?
"I worked on improving the failover time on modular systems with redundant supervisors. The features I worked on were being demanded by some of Arista's largest customers."

What do you like most about Arista?
"I love the learning environment here. Whenever I stumble across something I've never seen before, there's always an expert on it down the hall who's willing to help."

Software Engineer Coop Candidate for B.S, University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering

Why Arista?
"I enjoyed my computer networking classes and jumped at the opportunity to develop software in a top-notch team. Knowing that my code will be deployed in some of the largest and fastest networks in the world is pretty cool."

What do you like most about Arista?
"Great development environment and supportive learning atmosphere. It's fun to come in everyday to build features and learn about the networking world!"

Software Engineer Intern turned Full-Time B.S. and M.S., Stanford Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Job Openings

Job Scam Alert

There has been an unfortunate rise in fraudulent job openings/offers posted on job websites or made by fake recruiters claiming to be working for Arista Networks. The postings and related emails may appear legitimate by using Arista Networks logos or copied material. Some keys to identifying these scams include:

  • Correspondence from e-mail accounts such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or Hotmail;
  • "Interviews" conducted by chat;
  • Failure to list a specific location for the job or some "work from home" listings, especially when combined with other items listed here;
  • Misspellings and grammatical errors;
  • Get rich quick language;
  • Request to cash checks and monetary transfers; and/or
  • Request for Social Security Number or financial information.

The best way to apply for jobs at Arista Networks is through this site.