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An Enterprise Management Associates Research Report Summary March 14, 2018

This report recognizes Arista Networks’ Any Cloud Platform, a solution for multicloud and hybrid cloud networking. EMA bases its award selection upon its original research on enterprise networking trends, interaction with the industry, and conversations with network practitioners.

The Road To 400G Ethernet Is Paved With Bechtolsheim’s Intentions February 21, 2018

The best way to make a wave is to make a big splash, which is something that Andy Bechtolsheim, perhaps the most famous serial entrepreneur in IT infrastructure, is very good at doing. As one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and a slew of networking and system startups as well as the first investor in Google, he doesn’t just see waves, but generates them and then surfs on them, creating companies and markets as he goes along.

Arista’s Got its Eye on the Router Market With Its EOS 4.20 December 8, 2017

Traditionally, Arista Networks has focused on data center switching, leveraging merchant silicon and its Extensible Operating System (EOS) software. But the company is taking methodical steps to gain market share in routing.

Arista brings the benefits of leaf-spine to routing December 7, 2017

Leaf-spine disrupted the data center network, and now it's disrupting routing. About a decade ago almost all data centers were built on a traditional three- (or sometimes more) tier architectures that used the spanning tree protocol (STP). That prevented routing loops but also deactivated all the backup links, which accounted for almost half the ports in large environments. This caused organizations to significantly overspend on their networks.

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Arista Networks Cloud-Grade Routing

Massive scale and growth of services is effectively driving a re-architecture of the Internet to support bandwidth-hungry consumers. The traditional Internet, based on rigid, fixed-purpose routers, disparate LAN-WAN interfaces, protocols and inconsistent operational models are cumbersome and costly. Arista’s cloud networking principles from the datacenter are extending into these routing applications. The ubiquity of IP + Ethernet networking, combined with programmable software control, delive