Match VMware vCenter-specific information in the policy. Specifically, this feature matches traffic using VMware vCenter Virtual Machine (VM) names. Requires DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) vCenter integration.

The Wildcard tunneling feature allows the DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) to decapsulate L2GRE-based tunneled traffic from any remote source. This feature, supported on SwitchLightOS (SWL) based DMF switches in prior releases, now allows wildcard tunnels on Arista EOS-based DMF switches. Please refer to the DMF User Guide for more information on configuring the feature.

This feature enables the tunnel interfaces on the SAND platforms to perform filtering based on all options provided by DMF. 

User Defined Field (UDF) filtering enables offset-based matching. This feature supports the use of UDFs on EOS 7280R3 platforms. 

This document describes the usage of wildcard tunnels for VMware vCenter monitoring. The current implementation of VMware vCenter creates one tunnel interface from every ESXi host to DMF.

This document describes the L2GRE feature for Jericho switches. L2GRE tunnel support for DMF enables virtual connectivity when the DMF fabric lacks physical connectivity to either the production network, tool devices, or both. It does so by tunneling traffic from the production network to the DMF fabric or from the DMF fabric to tool devices. Using tunnels as core links enables virtual connectivity where the DMF fabric is not physically connected.