Support for negotiating and receiving IPv6 unicast and IPv6 labeled unicast (6PE) updates from a BGP peer.

Due to hardware constraints on specific platforms, Ethernet interfaces are grouped together, within which their


EOS 4.22.1F release adds support for secure In band connection between CVX and Arista switches. Prior to this


The Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (RFC 6388) is an extension of LDP to support creation of point to


A Label Edge Router (LER) decapsulating an MPLS packet may choose to source the TTL and DSCP fields from either the MPLS


Ingress and egress IPv4 and IPv6 access lists do not automatically match the inner IP header when processing IP over


Nexthop Group tunnels are a tunneling abstraction in EOS. A nexthop group tunnel is comprised of a tunnel endpoint (IP


Configuring the IGP cost for tunnels is a feature that allows influencing the BGP best path selection for routes

BGP LDP Isis 4.22.1F

Unequal Cost Multi Path (UCMP) is a mechanism for forwarding traffic for an ECMP route by using a ratio of weights

BGP 4.22.1F UCMP

This feature makes the PTP agent aware of VLANs, running with a single Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA). It allows

Vlan Ptp 4.22.1F BMCA

This feature allows customers to take user defined actions on “VOQ delete” occurrences on Arad/Jericho based

VOQ Deletes 4.22.1F

The VxLAN VTEP and VNI counters feature allows the device to count VxLAN packets received and sent by the device on a per

The “vxlan bridging vtep to vtep” feature allows VXLAN encapsulated packets ingressed at an Arista switch from a