Subinterfaces divide a single ethernet or port channel interface into multiple logical L2 or L3 interfaces based on

EOS 4.21.3F introduces support for BGP Flowspec, as defined in RFC5575 and RFC7674. The typical use case is to filter or redirect DDoS traffic on edge routers.

In the ribd routing protocol model, the “maximum paths … ecmp …” command allows restricting the number of BGP

TAP Aggregation support for the DCS 7280R3 and DCS 7500R3 series is documented below, including the release in which a

BGP routing information often contains more than one path to the same destination network. The BGP best-path selection algorithm determines which of these paths should be considered as the best path to that network.

TCB provides a mechanism to capture information around a MMU(Memory management unit) drop event.

Two rate three color marker (TrTCM) meters an incoming packet stream and marks the packets based on two rates, PIR