PIM External Gateways (PEGs) allow an EVPN overlay multicast network to interface with an external PIM domain. They can be used to interconnect two data centers using an external PIM domain in between them.

This feature adds support for user configured BGP Nexthop Resolution RIB profiles for various BGP based services

Current EOS PIM sparse mode implementation installs an (S, G) route in the hardware whenever it receives an (S, G) join

In the ribd routing protocol model, the “maximum paths … ecmp …” command allows restricting the number of BGP

MLDv2 Snooping optimizes the transmission of multicast packets in Layer 2 by using Layer 3 information contained in

This feature allows service providers to interconnect IPv6 sites over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

This feature adds support for standard BGP GSHUT (0xFFFF0000) community. GSHUT community is the community used in

The "set as path prepend" clause in the config route map mode is enhanced to accept the "auto" keyword. The "auto"