TCAM features matching on the same packet type and executing the same action are implicitly prioritized if both are

Policy Map TCAM PolicyMap 4.27.1F

This feature allows the user to match the 20 bit IPV6 flow label using the Qos Policy Map and allows to classify the flow-label controlled traffic.

With the use of MAC ACL configuration, match on ethertype can be programmed under QoS class-map configuration which will help customers to classify the control traffic based on ethertype (e.g. PPPoE discovery (0x8863) / session (0x8864) stage ) along with match on sub protocol (LCP/IPCP/PAP/CHAP) which is present in the payload.

QoS PolicyMap EOS 4.28.1F

This feature allows the user to configure upto 1023 unique QoS Policy-maps per chip.

Support for matching of DSCP / ECN is available under the QOS class map configuration on Arista switches.

The ‘redirect’ action used in TCAM profile has lower priority than system rules, if packets match both TCAM rule using ‘redirect’ action and system rules. Hence ‘redirect’ action does not take effect on these packets.