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Innovations Improve Cloud Management

SANTA CLARA, Calif.,--December 5, 2016 -- Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) today announced Arista AlgoMatch™, an innovation for advanced network enforcement for modern cloud networking along with the new Arista 7160 Series 25/100GbE programmable platforms. Arista AlgoMatch provides customers with more flexible and scalable solutions for access control, telemetry and secure cloud networking.

The workload and workflow flexibility requirements of today's cloud networks mean that the underlying infrastructure must be free of the limitations of rigid network policy control mechanisms. Traditional network policy engines in switch and router solutions struggle to address the challenges of scale, impose rigidity on resource allocation and limit the number of enforcement operations. This results in limited flow visibility and inflexible network policy enforcement.

By combining general purpose memory technology with advanced software algorithms, Arista AlgoMatch provides more scale, performance and efficiency compared to standard implementations of costly and purpose-built TCAMs (Ternary Content Addressable Memories) commonly used in traditional silicon chipset architecture. AlgoMatch provides a packet matching algorithm that enables flow matching for access control, policy and visibility. Benefits include a high performance network policy engine with increased functionality and scale delivered in a cost and power efficient manner.

New Programmable Platforms at 25/100GbE

As data centers increase bandwidth speeds to keep up with the massive flow of data coming through the cloud, they must also balance the capital and operational expenditures associated with moving to next-generation networks. 25GbE offers the benefits of enhanced compute and storage efficiency at a long-term cost structure similar to 10GbE. The Arista 7160 Series is available in three models, all featuring 25/100GbE ports. The new platform delivers operational consistency and automated efficiency through the same common Arista EOS® (Extensible Operating System) and CloudVision® software.

“25GbE offers a 2.5X performance improvement over 10GbE at a significant price-per-gigabit discount while using the same cabling infrastructure,” said Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research. “Unrelenting traffic growth, large scale cloud adoption and the recent release of the IEEE standard are already starting to drive the demand for server networking upgrades to speeds of 25, 50 and 100GbE where we expect combined shipments to surpass two million ports by 2017. This, in-turn, is fueling the strong demand for next generation 25GbE and 100GbE switches.”

The Arista 7160 Series are high performance data center platforms delivering support for a programmable forwarding pipeline and flexible profiles for up to 6.4Tbps and 24MB of dynamic packet buffer in a set of compact systems.

  • AlgoMatch for richer support for more flexible access control, traffic control and telemetry at 2-6x the scale of traditional methods with up to 50% lower power.
  • Flexible Profiles offer a range of custom profiles allocating common resources optimally for the desired network topology with lower complexity for both cloud and enterprise customers who frequently hit limitations with more rigid systems.
  • Unique programmable pipeline accommodates support for the addition of new encapsulations and overlay technologies allowing the same system to be used in multiple roles, extending life-cycles and allow rapid deployment.
  • Fully shared 24MB packet buffer that is available to all ports. Dynamic buffer management is designed for both speed changes, microbursts or sustained network congestion.

The 7160 Series is available in three models:

7160-32CQ - 32 x 100GbE, 1RU, or 128 x 25GbE with 6.4Tbps of performance
7160-48YC6 - 48 x 25GbE, 6 x 100GbE with 3.6Tbps of performance
7160-48TC6 - 48 x 10GbE BASE-T, 6 x 100GbE and 2.16Tbps of performance

Availability and Pricing

AlgoMatch will ship on the Arista 7160 Series in Q1 2017. The Arista 7160 Series are orderable now, shipping in Q1 2017 with pricing comparable to the 7050X and 7060X Series.

For additional information, join us for a webinar on the Arista 7160 Series and AlgoMatch on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 10a.m. PT. Register here.

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