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Over the past several years there has been in a shift within the Bioscience research community industry regarding the types of computer applications and infrastructures that are deployed to sequence, analyze, compare, and model gene information. Today there exists large petabytes of already sequenced data that are contained in publically and privately available databases. This large growth in already sequenced data, and the mining of this data for further research is driving the need for state-of-the-art computing clusters. This in-depth paper describes several of the specific switching functions required to optimize the performance of life science computing clusters, and the considerations when choosing high speed Ethernet switching for Bioscience research clusters.

. Arista Bioscience Technical Guide

Testing conducted by Solarflare and Arista Networks reveals single-digit microsecond TCP and UDP applications latency can be achieved with commercially available 10Gb Ethernet Switch and Server Adapter Products.

. Arista and Solarflare: "Low-Latency, Real-Time Financial Services Applications with 10Gb Ethernet"

Microseconds matter in the ultra-competitive world of High Frequency Trading (HFT). Trading architectures that deliver the lowest latency solution are the difference between profit and loss for these financial firms. IBM, Mellanox and Arista have combined to demonstrate a low latency messaging transport solution that facilitates the high-speed delivery of market, trade, reference and event data, in or between front-, middle and back-office operations.

. Reliable Multicast Messaging With Ultra Low Latency And High Throughput

The extensible design principles of Arista’s EOS provide the ability to rapidly customize EOS to meet your operational requirements. Instead of creating ‘off box’ scripts/tools or waiting year(s) for your chosen vendor to react you can easily customize EOS.

.EOS CLI Parser Customization

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