Date: February 10th, 2023


End of Sale / End of Life for Arista DMF Appliances: DCA-DM-SA, DCA-DM-SBL and DCA-DM-CB



Arista Networks announces the end-of-sale/end-of-life for DMF (DANZ Monitoring Fabric) appliances whose product part numbers are listed below in Table 1. Customers with active support contracts will continue to receive support from Arista TAC (Technical Assistance Center) till their respective End-of-Life dates as listed in Table 2, the End-of-Life Milestones.


Affected Product Description Replacement Products Description
DCA-DM-SA Service Node Version ‘A’ DCA-DM-SC Service Node Version ‘C’
DCA-DM-SBL Service Node Version ‘BL’ DCA-DM-SDL Service Node Version ‘DL’
DCA-DM-CB Controller Version ‘B’ DCA-DM-CDL Controller Version ‘DL’

Table 1: Affected Product and Part numbers



Affected Product Milestone Date
Last day to order (End-of-Sale) 06-Feb-2019
Last day to receive software bug fixes 05-Feb-2021
Last day to receive 24x7 TAC support 05-Feb-2023
Last day for HW RMA requests 05-Feb-2023
End-of-Life of product 05-Feb-2023
DCA-DM-CB Last day to order (End-of-Sale) 10-Aug-2018
Last day to receive software bug fixes 09-Aug-2021
Last day to receive 24x7 TAC support 09-Aug-2023
Last day for HW RMA requests 09-Aug-2023
End-of-Life of product 09-Aug-2023

Table 2: End-of-Life Milestones


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