This document describes the extension of an existing feature allowing DMF EOS Filter Switches to send select flow metadata to the DMF Analytics Node for analysis. Previously, only SWL Filter Switches supported the feature.

Flow Tracker DMF-8.5.0 Analytics

Sampled flow tracking with IPFIX export is supported on most of the Arista platforms. User configured sampling rate is used for sampling in ingress and/or egress direction on the configured interfaces. An EOS software agent on CPU processes samples received from hardware, samples are used to create flow records that are exported to IPFIX collectors. Refer to Sampled flow tracking TOI for additional details.

Network administrators require access to flow information that passes through various network elements, for the purpose of analyzing and monitoring their networks. This feature provides access to IP flow information by sampling traffic flows in ingress and/or egress directions on the interfaces on which it is configured.

This feature extends sampled flow tracker to support the selective sampling of certain traffic types (specified globally), such as routed IPv4, routed IPv6, and MPLS pop and route IPv4, per interface. The feature is applicable on interfaces, subinterfaces, port channels, and port channel subinterfaces.