Rack Mounting the Switch
The switch must be mounted in a four-post rack. Perform the following tasks to mount the switch.
Attach the left and right shelf to the rack, adjusting the length of the shelves as needed. You must allocate 4RU rack space starting from the top of the shelf for switch placement ( Section 3.1: Shelf Installation).
Attach the rack mounting ears to the switch ( Section 3.2: Mounting Ears Installation).
Use a forklift to insert the switch into the rack ( Section 3.3: Switch Insertion into Rack).
Secure the switch into place ( Section 3.3: Switch Insertion into Rack).
Note Components are designed for tool-less installation in square-hole racks.
3.1 Shelf Installation
The four-post mount accessory kit contains these components:
Left Shelf and Right Shelf
Rack mounting ears
Follow the steps listed below to attach the shelves to the rack.
Step 1 Extend the sliding end of each shelf so that it can be placed on the rack.
Figure 3-1: Attaching Shelves to the Rack (Right Shelf Shown)
Step 2 Move the sliding end of each shelf so that the shelf fits snug and level on to the rack and secure the shelves using the screws to the rack. ( Figure 3-2-left and Figure 3-2-right).
Note You must ensure that the shelves are installed at the same level in the rack.
Figure 3-2: Adjusting Shelves to Fit onto the Rack (Right Shelf Shown)
The installed switch shelves are shown in Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3: Switch Shelves Installed
3.2 Mounting Ears Installation
Figure 3-4 displays the rack mounting ears, which secure the switch top to the rack. Attach the two rack mounting ears to each side of the switch. The inner side of each ear may include a latch to the locking mechanism that secures the ear to the rack. The two rack mounting ears are identical and will attach to the switch such that the securing screws are on the outside of the switch as shown.
Figure 3-4: Rack Mounting Ears
3.3 Switch Insertion into Rack
Use a forklift to raise and align the switch with the installed shelves and insert the rollers on the rack mount ears into the shelves' channels. Push and slide the switch into the rack to secure.
Note The rack mounting ears use only the top two rack units but you must allocate four rack units from the top of the shelves for the switch.
Figure 3-5: Inserting the Switch
Figure 3-6: Securing the Switch
After completing the Four-Post Installation, proceed to Chapter 4.