Setting up Your System

Complete the following steps to set up your system:

  1. Unpack the system.
  2. Remove the I/O connector cover from the system connectors.
    Note: While installing the system, ensure that it is properly aligned with the slot on the enclosure to prevent damage to the system connectors.
  3. Install the system in the enclosure.
  4. Turn on the enclosure.
    Note: Wait for the chassis to initialize before you press the power button.
  5. Press the power button on the system.

    Alternatively, you can also turn on the system by using:

    • The system iDRAC. For more information, see Web Access into iDRAC (System IPMI).
    • The enclosure Chassis Management Controller (CMC), after the system iDRAC (IPMI) is configured on the CMC.