Parts List


Each appliance provides an accessory kit that contains parts that are required to install the appliance. This section lists the installation parts contained in the appliance accessory kit.

1 Back bracket 4 Power cable
2 Mounting bracket 5 Racking mounting screws
3 Mounting rail 6 Appliance mounting screws
The CCA-ETM-Q20 package includes:
  • Two power cables
  • Rack mounting hardware
  • CCA-ETM-Q20 appliance
The installation kit provides the following four-post mounting parts:
  • 2 - Front mounting brackets (left and right).
  • 2 - Rails (left and right).
  • 6 - Screws for the front mounting brackets
  • 10 - Screws to attach the side rails to the chassis and the back plates to the rails.
  • 2 - Back plates (left and right).