Connect the Access Point to the Network

To connect the access point (AP) to the network, perform the following steps:
  1. Ensure that a DHCP server is available on the network to enable network configuration of the AP.
  2. Add the DNS entry wifi-security-server on all DNS servers. This entry must point to the IP address of the server.
  3. Ensure that DHCP is running on the subnet to which the AP is connected.
  4. Check the LEDs on the AP to ensure that it is connected to the server.
  5. Log on to the server using ssh and run the get sensor list command.

    You will see a list of all Arista devices that are recognized by the server. Single Sign-On users can go to the Monitor tab in CloudVision WiFi and check whether the device is visible under the Monitor tab.

The AP is connected and operational.
Note:If zero configuration fails, the AP must be configured manually.
Important:If DHCP is not enabled on a subnet, the AP cannot connect to that subnet with zero-configuration. If the DNS entry is not present on the DNS servers, or if you do not have the DHCP server running on the subnet, you must manually configure the AP. For details on configuring an AP manually, see the Access Point Configuration guide on our website at .

Connect the Access Point using PoE

If you are using a PoE injector, make sure the data connection is plugged into a suitable switch port with proper network connectivity.

For PoE port details, see the Rear Panel section.