Arista Networks announces the end of sale for five switches in the 7050 Series. The product part numbers covered by this announcement are listed below in Table 1. The last day to order the affected products is April 15, 2015. Customers with active support contracts will continue to receive support from Arista TAC (Technical Assistance Center) as per the dates listed in Table 2, the End-of-Life Milestones.

.End of Sale of 50GB SSD Models of the Arista 7050 Series


Migration Options

Customers are encouraged to plan a migration to newer models that are equivalent or better. The newer models are more power efficient, support all existing features and offer enhanced functionality.

Affected ProductDescriptionReplacement ProductDescription
DCS-7050S-52-D# Arista 7050, 52xSFP+ switch, 50GB SSD DCS-7050SX-64-D# Arista 7050X, 48x10GbE (SFP+) & 4xQSFP+ switch, SSD
DCS-7050S-64-D# Arista 7050, 48xSFP+ & 4xQSFP+ switch, 50GB SSD
DCS-7050Q-16-D# Arista 7050, 16xQSFP+ & 8xSFP+ switch, 50GB SSD DCS-7050QX-32S-D# Arista 7050X, 32xQSFP+ & 4xSFP+ switch, SSD
DCS-7050T-52-D# Arista 7050, 48xRJ45(1/10GBASE-T) & 4xSFP+ switch, 50GB SSD DCS-7050TX-64-D# Arista 7050X, 48xRJ45 (1/10GBASE-T) & 4xQSFP+ switch, SSD
DCS-7050T-64-D# Arista 7050, 48xRJ45(1/10GBASE-T) & 4xQSFP+ switch, 50GB SSD

Table 1: Affected Product and Part numbers


End-of-Sale Announcement October 15, 2014
Last day to order the products (End-of-Sale) April 15, 2015
Last day to add new service contracts April 15, 2016
Last day to request hardware failure analysis April 15, 2016
Last day to receive software bug fixes and support April 15, 2017
Last day to renew existing service contracts April 15, 2017
Last day to receive 24x7 TAC support April 15, 2018
Last day for hardware RMA requests April 15, 2018
End-of-Life of product April 15, 2018

Table 2: End-of-Life Milestones


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