Arista Networks announces the upcoming end of sale of the CFP2 200G DCO-A optical modules. Alternative products are available, and listed in the table below.

Migration Options

Customers are encouraged to plan a migration to the 7280R3 Series with 400G ports that leverage 400G ZR pluggable optics. The 7280R3 Series with 400G interfaces provide substantially greater performance with enhanced functionality. The 400G ZR support Coherent 400G services.

Affected Product Description Replacement Products Description
CFP2-200G-DCO-A 100G/200G Digital Coherent Tunable CFP2, DP-QPSK, 8QAM and 16QAM modulation 7280R3 Series Fixed Systems 7280R3 Series 400G support for 400ZR and 400ZR+ optics

Table 1: Affected Products and Part Numbers

Milestone Date
End-of-Sale Announcement Feb 28, 2022
Last day to order the products (End-of-Sale) August 28, 2022

Table 2: End-of-Life Milestones


Lifecycle dates for support and RMA are covered by the associated 7280R Series systems support coverage.

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