Maintenance and Field Replacement

Only the fan module is field replaceable.

Note: Hot swap or reorient fans within one minute to prevent the switch from overheating and shutting down.

Ensure that the module you are replacing matches those already installed in the switch.


  • The fan module is hot swappable and can be reoriented for airflow direction.
  • The switch will shut down if the fan module is disconnected for more than a minute.
  • Before you begin, refer to the Arista Networks document Safety Information and Translated Safety Warnings available at:

Removing a Fan Module

The following steps are required when removing or replacing fans from a switch.
  1. Ground yourself with an ESD wrist strap.
  2. While squeezing the fan module handle, pull the fan module out of the switch.

Installing a Fan Module

You must make space for installing the fan module by removing an existing one (Removing a Fan Module).
  1. Remove the replacement fan from its packaging.
  2. Slide the new fan module into the switch until the module is fully seated and the release lever snaps into place.
  3. Verify that the fan module is working normally.
Note: The fan module status LED should be a steady green for normal operation.