Until now, datacenter class switches have not provided a hardware based PTP implementation. This has limited the scale and precision of PTP implementations by requiring dedicated PTP hardware at every point, essentially minimizing the benefit of a common infrastructure for both data forwarding and time synchronizations. This document will review how the Arista 7150 datacenter switch enables high precision time distribution directly in the data path, while improving the scale, precision, and cost of a precise time infrastructure.

. Arista Precision Time Protocol

Arista, in partnership with EMC® Isilon®, F5 Networks and VMware, demonstrate SDN technology innovations to support multi-vendor programmatic automation between their respective systems. This capability enables end-to-end network virtualization from physical, to virtual, to cloud networks.  Arista and VMware are co-authors of a new standard in virtual networking, called Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN), that has created a common network foundation that enables seamless interoperability across diverse topologies.  Utilizing VXLAN in combination with API interaction between ecosystem partners and Arista’s Extensible Operating System (EOS), VMware, Arista, F5 and Isilon are demonstrating a fully automated, software defined Datacenter environment.

. VXLAN: Eliminating Cloud Boundaries with SDN

A new network technology developed by Arista and VMware that enables stateful VM mobility, within the datacenter beyond L3 boundaries. This increases the agility of applications and enables workloads to be deployed to better meet the business needs.

.VXLAN Bridges Virtual and Physical Networks to the Cloud

Media and entertainment companies are realizing that they not only have to consolidate their IT into a common infrastructure, manage storage more effectively, and better utilize computing assets, but they also have to reduce the number of different technologies that are deployed to simplify operational challenges and reduce costs. The foundation of this transformation is a high-speed switched networking infrastructure that allows many different end point systems to be connected reliably, efficiently, and at scale.

. Media & Entertainment Solution Guide

Traditional methods have served the static datacenter well in the past, but with the movement toward the virtualized cloud, an event driven service model is needed. Arista Networks solves these challenges by leveraging the power of Arista’s Extensible Operating System (EOS), providing a unique set of tools to help directly address the challenge of advanced event management.

. Arista Advanced Event Management

Over the past year interest in building ‘fabrics’ has grown throughout the networking community. This note explores some of the characteristics of fabric architectures and how Arista achieves equal or better results with more proven technologies.

. Are Fabrics Faster or Better Than Networks?

Arista has designed the network infrastructures and implemented some of the largest and most mission critical Hadoop clusters around the world, with applications ranging from: Web Analytics Data Mining, Ad Serving and Targeting, Pharmaceutical Research, National Intelligence, Network Security and Pattern Matching, and Retail Merchandising.

. Arista Network Design for Hadoop Clusters

Arista’s hardware and network based HA features provide active-active network availability to complement Oracle’s own HA services such as Real Application Clusters (RAC). Arista EOS implements industry standard services to ensure interoperability and management integration to enhance the datacenter network.

. Optimizing Oracle Service Oriented Architectures with 10Gb Ethernet

CloudVision™ simplifies the management and provisioning of complex multi-tier networks. It is a multi-switch message bus based protocol that enables CLI commands and XML messages to be sent to any participating switch, or group of switches.

. Building Cloud Scale Networks with CloudVision™

Hadoop and other distributed systems are increasingly the solution of choice for next generation data volumes. A high capacity, any to any, easily manageable networking layer is critical for peak Hadoop performance.

.Networking in the Hadoop Cluster