Use this feature to configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) on a managed device that do not directly reflect the ACLs configured on the controller. Specifically, a user can override the user-configured ACLs on the controller (generally inherited by the managed devices) so that ACLs allowing specific types of traffic from the controller-only are pushed to managed devices.

This feature introduces the ability to mirror the SSH/HTTPS cryptographic configuration of the DMF controller to the managed appliances (i.e., service nodes and recorder nodes) and the SSH cryptographic configuration of the controller to the EOS switches.

The system reinstall feature allows users to reinstall EOS on an Arista switch. A system reinstall is accomplished by removing the local startup-config/zerotouch-config on the switch so the DMF controller no longer manages it. Rebooting the switch restarts the Arista native ZTP process and requests a fresh image from the controller.