This feature allows IP FIB (Forwarding Information Base) export through the OpenConfig AFT YANG models.

This feature allows FDB export through the OpenConfig AFT YANG models. The streaming behavior of mac addresses are  Entries associated with SVI or L3 port have an associated VRF name. The VRF name is used to specify which network instance the FDB entry belongs to. 

Slice reservation can be used to solve TCAM resources limitations due to suboptimal group order in the TCAM because of the FCFS (First come first serve) nature of the TCAM. The user will be able to reserve a certain amount of entries in the TCAM for a specific feature.

BGP routing information often contains more than one path to the same destination network. The BGP best-path selection algorithm determines which of these paths should be considered as the best path to that network.

The document describes the support for policing on one or more VNIs configured on a Vxlan interface. This feature allows dedicated policing of flows on a VNI in both directions which corresponds to incoming traffic from a remote VTEP and outgoing traffic towards a remote VTEP. Policers in the hardware are created with policer profiles attached to VNIs. Policer profiles can be shared across multiple VNIs but policers are dedicated.