When a switchport receives its own STP BPDU, the port goes into role ‘Backup’ and state ‘Discarding’. The

Arista MLAG supports STP for Layer 2 loop detection. In fact, most customers enable STP in their MLAG(s) to ensure no

Spanning Tree Protocol requires each interface to have a unique port number ranging from 1 through 4095.  Arista STP typically assigns port numbers to port-channel interfaces in the order in which they are configured.

Leaf Smart System Upgrade (SSU) provides the ability to upgrade the EOS image with minimal traffic disruption. To perform the SSU, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) should either be disabled or configured as MSTP. Meanwhile, all ports should be configured with admin edge ports (i.e., all ports are supposed to connect to host only) and the BPDU guard should be enabled for all edge ports.