This feature adds support for user configured BGP Nexthop Resolution RIB profiles for various BGP based services

Currently, there is a global knob for configuring the preference of all SR TE policies, that affects the comparison

SR-TE 4.25.1F

EOS DHCP relay agent forwards all the DHCP requests from the clients using the primary IP address of the interface as

This article describes Dynamic NAT profile options that are configurable in EOS on DCS 7050X3 and CCS 720XP systems.

Nat 4.25.1F

Egress Sflow sampling feature allows to sample unicast packets based on the egress interface. The

In VXLAN networks, broadcast DHCP requests are head-end-replicated to all VXLAN tunnel endpoints (VTEP). If a DHCP relay helper address is configured on more than one VTEP, each such VTEP relays the DHCP request to the configured DHCP server. This could potentially overwhelm the DHCP server as it would receive multiple copies of broadcast packets originated from a host connected to one of the VTEPs.

IS IS area proxy allows the creation of more scalable networks. IS IS already has hierarchical mechanisms for

The LDP pseudowire feature provides support for emulating Ethernet connections over a Multiprotocol Label

For various peering applications, there is a need to support the assignment of a MAC address on routed interfaces.

This document presents how Arista Macro Segmentation Service (MSS) can be deployed in a brownfield environment with

[L2 EVPN] and  [Multicast EVPN IRB] solutions allow for the delivery of customer BUM (Broadcast, Unknown unicast

This feature introduces the support for OSPF routes over GRE tunnels under default as well as non default VRFs. The

Since the introduction of PTP Monitoring feature[1], PTP is capable of recording recent metrics for offset from

This document describes the feature that allows the redistribution of VRF leaked BGP routes into OSPFv2 and OSPFv3.

This is an extension to BGP MPLS VPNs that allows us to use iBGP as the PE CE protocol. This feature also provides a way to

This feature adds support for the match ospf instance <instanceID> clause under the route map config.

In a Service Provider (SP) network, a Provider Edge (PE) device learns virtual private network (VPN) paths from remote PEs and uses the Route Target (RT) extended communities carried by those paths to determine which customer Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) the paths should be imported into (from where they can be subsequently advertised to Customer Edge (CE) devices).

All electronic devices are subject to interference from cosmic radiation. Arista products use a combination of

SEU 4.25.1F Parity ECC

Arista MLAG supports STP for Layer 2 loop detection. In fact, most customers enable STP in their MLAG(s) to ensure no

The existing storm control interface configuration mode CLI commands have been extended to support a new

Storm Control 4.25.1F

This document describes the Bgp Peer Flap Damping feature which allows session damping for peers with bfd enabled.

BGP BFD 4.25.1F