EVPN route advertisements carry RD and RT. RD (Route Distinguisher) : prepend to the tenant’s IP Prefix or MAC address to make it globally unique. RT (Route Target) : a BGP extended community used to tag the EVPN route.  The EVPN import policy is chosen to select what is the target tenant VRF is imported from the global EVPN table.

EVPN Multihoming defines a mechanism for Multihoming PEs to quickly signal, to remote PEs, a failure in an Ethernet Segment (ES) connectivity with the use of Ethernet A-D per ES route

EVPN Multihoming EOS 4.30.1F

[L2 EVPN] and  [Multicast EVPN IRB] solutions allow for the delivery of customer BUM (Broadcast, Unknown unicast