ACL based traffic management often requires matching packets’ destination addresses against one or more sets of

ZeroTouch Provisioning  (ZTP) is used to configure a switch without user intervention. Campus ZTP extends the

4.27.1F Campus ZTP VLA

TCAM features matching on the same packet type and executing the same action are implicitly prioritized if both are

Source port filtering is enabled by default to prevent traffic from egressing out the same interface it ingressed on.

This feature allows the user to have a custom DSCP To TC map per subInterface. By default,

This feature allows setting the desired maximum VOQ latency. Drop probabilities are adjusted in hardware to meet

MetaMux is an FPGA-based feature available on Arista’s 7130 platforms. It performs ultra-low latency Ethernet packet multiplexing with or without packet contention queuing. The port to port latency is a function of the selected MetaMux profile, front panel ingress port, front panel egress port, FPGA connector ingress port, and platform being used.

Arista EOS currently supports a maximum 6 labels push on R2 and R3 series platforms. This feature increases maximum

Macro Segmentation Service with Layer 3 firewall (MSS FW) provides a mechanism to offload policy enforcement on TORs

PIM External Gateways (PEGs) allow an EVPN overlay multicast network to interface with an external PIM domain. They can be used to interconnect two data centers using an external PIM domain in between them.

This feature adds a new CLI command which can be used to clear RSVP sessions. Clearing a session will remove the current

RSVP 4.27.1F Clear

This feature allows the user to configure upto 1023 unique QoS Policy-maps per chip.

This feature adds RSVP information for three tables from MPLS TE STD MIB:. mplsTunnelTable.


This article describes the usage of the ptp free-running source clock command, which selects a time source used by a switch running the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) while it is in a free-running state.

Ptp 4.27.1F System Time

L3 subinterface counters do not count GRE terminated (decap) packets and other tunnel types packets such as decap