This feature adds a CLI knob to allow disabling the ENTITY STATE traps entStateOperEnabled &

This feature adds a SNMP CLI knob to allow an interface’s speed, as shown in IF MIB, to reflect its shaped bandwidth.

SNMP QoS 4.26.2F

SNMP IP address ACL support provides the ability to add access lists to limit the source addresses that can be used to

SNMP ACL 4.23.1F

Hardware Table Capacity Monitoring is an existing feature to keep track of the capacity and utilization of various

Starting 8.8 release, Cloud customers can receive all events/alerts as SNMP traps. While configuring an SNMP trap

This feature adds RSVP information for three tables from MPLS TE STD MIB:. mplsTunnelTable.

Users wishing to be notified about packet drops or high link saturation in the DMF fabric can receive SNMP traps for these events. Specifically, when trap generation is enabled, the following events will send an SNMP trap to the configured trap collector:

SNMP DMF-8.4.0

This feature adds three new SNMP traps for MAC move, learn, and age events: aristaMacMove, aristaMacLearn, and