ACL based traffic management often requires matching packets’ destination addresses against one or more sets of

BGP Traffic Policy 4.27.1F

This feature extends the capabilities of Tap Aggregation traffic steering to allow for using traffic policies.

Tapagg Traffic Policy 4.26.2F Aegis

Access Control Lists (ACL) use packet classification to mark certain packets going through the packet processor pipeline and then take configured action against them. Rules are defined based on various fields of packets and usually TCAM is used to match packets to rules. For example, there can be a rule to match the packet source IP address against a list of IP addresses, and drop the packet if there is a match.

This feature introduces the support for Traffic Policy on VLANs. Traffic Policy allows the user to configure rules to match on certain packets through the packet processing pipeline. The user can also place actions to match packets.

Traffic Policy EOS 4.28.0F