This feature adds support to configure and apply different COS to TC profiles on Front Panel Ports and Port Channel

In campus network deployments, classification of the devices connected to a switch port is required. Based on the

In a Mlag setup with Pim SSM, one peer becomes the DR for a layer 3 interface and is responsible for routing multicast

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a way of delivering power and data over the same Ethernet wires. There have been multiple

This feature allows configuring user defined tunnel RIBs for the resolution of LDP pseudowire endpoints. User

This feature provides support for advertising IPv4 unicast Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI) with

Multi Agent, Platform independent. This feature supports RFC 7606, which  provides improved security and

RIB Route Control is a collection of mechanisms for controlling how IP routing table entries get used.  FIB Policy

This document describes a new CLI command to help debug how and why route maps permit and deny paths. The aim of this CLI

RSVP TE Bandwidth management feature allows signaled paths to reserve a specified amount of bandwidth per egress

RSVP TE node protection is a Fast ReRoute feature that provides protection against the failure of nexthop LSR in the

Segment Routing Traffic Engineering Policy (SR TE) aka SR Policy makes use of Segment Routing (SR) to allow a headend

Packets sampled for sFlow are packaged in a flow sample structure containing, amongst other things, input and output

This feature adds two new show commands to better display route map information. The first show command displays

Due to hardware constraints on specific platforms, Ethernet interfaces are grouped together, within which their

The existing show traffic engineering segment routing policy ... command supports showing the counters per segment

SSH certificates (as implemented by OpenSSH, introduced in version 5.4) allow for easy management of user

EOS 4.22.1F release adds support for secure In band connection between CVX and Arista switches. Prior to this

The Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (RFC 6388) is an extension of LDP to support creation of point to

A Label Edge Router (LER) decapsulating an MPLS packet may choose to source the TTL and DSCP fields from either the MPLS

Ingress and egress IPv4 and IPv6 access lists do not automatically match the inner IP header when processing IP over

Nexthop Group tunnels are a tunneling abstraction in EOS. A nexthop group tunnel is comprised of a tunnel endpoint (IP

Topology Independent Fast Reroute, or TI LFA, uses IS IS SR to build loop free alternate paths along the post

Add the ability to generate SYSLOG messages when a transceiver's digital optical monitoring threshold is crossed.

Configuring the IGP cost for tunnels is a feature that allows influencing the BGP best path selection for routes

Unequal Cost Multi Path (UCMP) is a mechanism for forwarding traffic for an ECMP route by using a ratio of weights

This feature makes the PTP agent aware of VLANs, running with a single Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA). It allows

This feature allows customers to take user defined actions on “VOQ delete” occurrences on Arad/Jericho based

The VxLAN VTEP and VNI counters feature allows the device to count VxLAN packets received and sent by the device on a per

The “vxlan bridging vtep to vtep” feature allows VXLAN encapsulated packets ingressed at an Arista switch from a