The 7170 load balancer is a layer 4 load balancer providing high packet processing throughput.

Remove Private AS Ingress is a feature used for removing and replacing private AS numbers from inbound AS paths, so

BGP 4.26.1F

This feature allows the user to have a custom COS To TC map per subinterfaces. By default,

This feature allows configuration of hash seed and hash fields used for LAG and ECMP hash computation.  This offers a

This feature is available when configuring Layer2 EVPN or EVPN IRB. As described in RFC7432 section 15

Forwarding destination prediction enables visibility into how a packet is forwarded through the switch and allows

This feature enables IPv6 neighbor discovery (ND) proxies for IPv6 subnets on routed ports and L3 subinterfaces.


Route redistribution is a process that allows a network to use a routing protocol to dynamically route traffic based


As of EOS 4.22.0F, EVPN all active multihoming is supported as a standardized redundancy solution. For effective


Starting with the 4.26.1F release, EOS supports active mixed speed members in a port channel, allowing different

This feature provides the ability to interconnect EVPN VXLAN domains. Domains may or may not be within the same data


In an OSPFv3 Area Border Router (ABR), area filters may be used to prevent specific prefixes from being announced by an

The per port scheduler compensation feature is used to make adjustments to the packet size seen by the scheduler for

Starting from 4.26.10F release, for LACP and static port channels, EOS will support minimum speed configuration,

This feature provides the ability to classify and display misbehaving routes into the following : 1) Routes which are


The send support bundle feature adds a new CLI command which creates a ZIP file containing a useful set of logs and

A pseudowire is usually transported over a single network path in order to preserve the packet ordering of each


Port wide port security: Port security with address limit on the port configured by the existing shutdown mode port