Rack Mounting the Switch

Note: The rack mounting procedure is identical for all switches covered by this guide. Illustrations in this chapter depict the mounting of a DCS-7010T-48 switch.

Les procédure de montage du bâti est identique pour tous les commutateurs visés par ce guide. Illustrations dans ce chapitre montrent le montage d’un interrupteur de DCS-7010T-48.

Note: Illustrations use a representative Arista switch. Your device may be different in appearance.

Two-Post or Four-Post Rack Mount

The switch can be installed in a two-post or four-post rack. The installation process is identical because the switch attaches to only two posts of a rack.

To mount the switch in a rack, assemble the mounting brackets to the chassis, then attach the brackets to the rack posts. Rack mount accessory kits include the following parts:

  • 2 x mounting brackets

  • 6 x M4x5 flat head Phillips screws.

The following image displays the proper bracket placement for the rack mount.

Figure 1. Bracket Mount Placement for Rack Mount

Attaching Mounting Brackets to the Chassis

This procedure attaches mounting brackets to the switch chassis.

  1. Align the mounting brackets with the chassis holes at the front of the switch.
  2. Attach the brackets with two M4x5 flat head Philips screws.
    Figure 2. Bracket Mount Attachment to Switch

Inserting the Switch into the Rack

This procedure attaches the switch to the rack.

  1. Lift the chassis into the rack. Position the flanges against the rack posts.
  2. Select mounting screws that fit your equipment rack.
  3. Attach the bracket flanges to the rack posts.
    Figure 3. Inserting the Switch into the Rack

    After completing the rack mount, proceed to Cabling the Switch.