Line cards, fabric cards, and switch cards now alert the user whenever a card consumes excessive power. There are

This feature is a CLI show command which displays the history of system power consumption after the system boots up.

Power EOS 4.29.1F

This feature is used to save power by turning off front panel LEDs when they are not needed. After this feature is enabled, LEDs will be turned off after 1 hour from the time of system boots up or feature enabled. Transceiver insertion/removal or USB insertion will cause the LEDs to turn on for 1 hour.

Power EOS 4.29.1F

Pseudo load sharing is a load sharing scheme for two power supply units (PSU) that do not have integrated load sharing. With pseudo load sharing, the system power is divided into two power domains, each with one PSU that is connected to a port group consisting of half of the system's Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. When both PSUs are active, the power domains are independent and each PSU can only provide power to ports within the same power domain. Each port group can consume up to the maximum available power of the PSU in the same power domain.

Power EOS 4.31.0F