Aboot Configuration commands

This section describes the Aboot configuration commands that a boot-config file can contain.

Installation commands (Aboot)


The CONSOLESPEED command in the boot-config file specifies the console baud rate when the switch is booted. To communicate with the switch, the connected terminal must match the specified rate. Baud rate options include 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, and 115200.

The default baud rate is 9600.

command Syntax



baud_rate specifies the console speed. Values include 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, and 115200.


This command in a boot-config file sets the baud rate to 2400 when the switch boots.

NET commands

NET commands in the boot-config file are used by Aboot during switch booting to configure the network interface that will be used for switch configuration. These commands can also be entered manually in Aboot.

NETDEV indicates which network interface is being configured. If boot-config does not contain a NETDEV command, the booting process does not attempt to configure a network interface. Other NET commands specify settings that Aboot uses to configure the interface.

command Syntax








  • device_interface the network interface. Options include:
    • ma1 management port 1.
    • ma2 management port 2.
  • auto_setting the configuration method. Options include:
    • dhcp interface is configured through a DHCP server; other NET commands are ignored.
    • if the NETAUTO command is omitted, the interface is configured with other NET commands.
  • interface_address interface IP address, in dotted-decimal notation.
  • interface_mask interface subnet mask, in dotted-decimal notation.
  • gateway_address default gateway IP address, in dotted decimal notation.
  • domain_name interface domain name.
  • dns_address IP address of the Domain Name Server, in dotted decimal notation.
  • This command specifies management port 1 as the network interface to be configured for management traffic.
  • This command instructs the switch to configure the network interface through a DHCP server, ignoring any other NET commands.
  • These NET commands configure the network interface.

install bios source

install bios source command is used to install an Aboot Update File (AUF) to be used to upgrade Aboot firmware.

install bios source indicates the location of the source file and the actions to be taken.

command Syntax

install bios source SOURCE [active | standby] [reload | now]


SOURCE the file location.

  • This command installs an AUF file update.auf stored in /mnt/flash.
    switch#install bios source flash:/update.auf
    Note: Follow the prompts after executing the command during the installation process.
  • This command performs a reboot directly after installation.
    switch#install bios source flash:/update.auf reload
  • This command skips the prompts and performs the reboot automatically after installation.
    switch#install bios source flash:/update.auf now
  • This command performs the installation only on the standby supervisor.
    switch#install bios source flash:/update.auf standby
    Note: By default the active supervisor is upgraded followed by the standby where applicable.


PASSWORD specifies the Aboot password, as described in Accessing the Aboot Shell. If boot-config does not contain a PASSWORD command, the Aboot shell does not require a password.

The boot-config file stores the password as an MD5-encrypted string as generated from a clear-text seed by the UNIX passwd program or the crypt library function. When entering the Aboot password, the user types the clear-text seed.

There is no method of recovering the password from the encrypted string. If the clear-text password is lost, delete the corresponding PASSWORD command line from the boot-config file.

Note: The eos boot secret command is the recommended method for adding or modifying the PASSWORD configuration line.

command Syntax

PASSWORD = encrypted_string


encrypted_string the encrypted string that corresponds to the clear-text Aboot password.


This line is a PASSWORD command example in which the encrypted string corresponds to the clear-text password abcde.


SWI specifies the location and file name of the eos image file that Aboot loads when booting, using the same format as boot-config to designate a local or network path.

command Syntax



SWI_PATH specifies the location of the eos image file. Options include:
  • file_path specifies a file location on the internal flash drive.
  • file:file_path specifies a file location in the switch directory.
  • usb1:file_path specifies a file location on the USB drive.
  • http:file_path specifies an HTTP path to the image file.
  • ftp:file_path specifies an FTP path to the image file.
  • tftp:file_path specifies a TFTP path to the image file.
  • nfs:file_path specifies an NFS path to the image file.
  • This SWI command in boot-config causes Aboot to boot the switch from the file eos.swi on the switch’s internal flash drive.
  • This SWI command in boot-config causes Aboot to boot the switch from the file eos.swi at the specified location on foo.com.