AS path access lists use regular expressions to filter AS PATH attributes of BGP routes. EOS offers two modes for the

Currently, a single route map sequence can have a “match community”, and a “match extcommunity” clause.

This feature allows service providers to interconnect IPv6 sites over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

This feature supports counting ECN marked packets on a per egress port per tx queue basis. The

This feature introduces the hardware forwarding support for IPv4 over IPv4, GRE-Tunnel interfaces on Arista Switches. A GRE-Tunnel interface acts as a logical interface which performs the GRE encapsulation or decapsulation.

7160 platform supports 2 different profiles, algomatch and tcam acl ipv4 ingress for configuring ACLs:

This features enables neighbors learnt on an SVI interface to be converted into IPv6 Host routes which can further be

A L2 sub-interface is a logical bridging endpoint associated with traffic on an interface distinguished by 802.1Q tags, where each <interface, 802.1q tag> tuple is treated as a first class bridging interface.


Support for Media Access Control Security (MACsec) with static keys was added in EOS 4.15.4. This feature brings

If MACsec is enabled on an interface, it tries to establish MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) session(s) with its peer.

This feature enables MacSec service over VxLAN . Macsec over Vxlan is provided by mapping a VNI, Remote VTEP Ip to a

Added support to match on vlan ID in mirroring ACLs (ipv4, ipv6 and mac acls). All 7050X, 7050X2,

The TCP MSS clamping feature involves clamping the maximum segment size (MSS) in the TCP header of TCP SYN packets if it exceeds the configured MSS ceiling limit for the interface. Clamping MSS value helps in avoiding IP fragmentation in tunnel scenarios by ensuring that MSS is small enough to accommodate the extra overhead of GRE and tunnel outer IP headers.

DCS 7050X/X2/X3 series. DCS 7060X/X2/X3 series. In previous releases, PFC Watchdog supported only queues

In the 7160 platform, the hardware uses a Port Vlan table for storing the configuration on a per port/vlan

Priority Flow Control (PFC) Watchdog feature monitors interfaces for priority flow control Pause storm. If such

This feature allows a Service Provider (SP) or an Enterprise to provide the service of interconnecting

RSVP-TE applies the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) for Traffic Engineering (TE), i.e., to distribute MPLS labels for steering traffic and reserving bandwidth.

Support for Media Access Control Security (MACsec) was added in EOS 4.15.4. It introduced the concept of configuring