4.22.1F introduces support for ip address virtual for PIM and IGMP in MLAG and Vxlan. On a VLAN, the same IP address can

This feature allows PIMv4 to work with Multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP), where IPv4 prefix routes are reachable via IPv6 next-hops.

In a Mlag setup with Pim SSM, one peer becomes the DR for a layer 3 interface and is responsible for routing multicast

In a modular system there are two supervisors which ensures redundancy in event of Hardware and software failures. At any given time, only one supervisor is in control (managing most hardware, including all the linecards). We call it the active supervisor. The other supervisor is called standby supervisor, which serves as a backup in case the active supervisor fails. Stateful switchover is the transition when the standby supervisor takes over control of the entire system from the active supervisor (and therefore becomes the new active). This document describes PIM SSO works and its limitations.

PIM Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) is a mechanism that allows the multicast routers to send the PIM control packets to the upstream routers via the shortest path to form the RP/Source Tree.