Automating Media and Entertainment Network Provisioning

June 22, 2023

Next generation network identity brings simplicity at cloud-scale to the enterprise

SMPTE ST2110 based Live production has become commonplace. Installation sizes are growing as the connectivity and flexibility benefits of IP enable new workflows and offer higher levels of efficiency.

Traditional CLI based, box-by-box provisioning can work at a small scale, but becomes extremely inefficient and error prone as the system grows. Documenting, maintaining and augmenting a manually configured network of any size turns into a “technical debt” that quickly weighs down the NetOps team. 

Join Arista Systems Engineers Niels Larsen and Gerard Phillips as they shine a light on how open-source automation tools can be used in conjunction with vendor validated network designs, to enable a “network as code” approach to ST2110 Live production infrastructure provisioning. 

Topics covered: 

  • An overview of the benefits of a “network as code” approach
  • Building on Arista Validated Designs (AVD) for Live Production
  • Automating configuration deployment and testing