Appliance Upgrade

The Appliance itself can be upgraded apart from the CloudEOS and vEOS VMs. Refer to Appendix E - Tools to Manage and Update Images section in Arista DCA-200-CloudEOS and vEOS guide for steps to upgrade CVA. During CVA upgrade process, all DCA-200-vEOS scripts under /data/imaging/ and /data/tool/ directories are also upgraded. There will be a newly created directory named as current CVA version under both /data/imaging/ and /data/tool/ (For example, /data/imaging/2.1.2/ and /data/imaging/2.1.2/). Older version of the scripts are moved down to that version directory. Newer version of the scripts are copied to /data/imaging/ and /data/tool/ directly.

After a system reboot from the last step of upgrade, the CloudEOS and vEOS instances becomes up and runs automatically after appliance is up again. Allow 20 minutes for the application running in CloudEOS and vEOS instances to be accessible again.

Note: The DCA-200-vEOS supports CVA upgrade from 2.1.2 to afterward releases.