Azure Specific for High Availability


There are two authorization models that can be used in Azure: SDK Auth Credentials and Active Directory Credentials. SDK Auth Credentials are the recommended authorization model.
  • SDK Auth Credentials

    To generate SDK Auth Credentials, use the sdk authentication credential-file flash:startup-config command in the config-cloud-azure configuration mode.

    switch(config)#cloud provider azure
    switch(config-cloud-azure)# sdk authentication credential-file
  • Active Directory Credentials

    The following example places the vEOS router into the config-cloud-azure configuration mode and sets the active directory credentials.

    switch(config)#cloud provider azure
    switch(config-cloud-azure)#active-directory credential 
    email subscription-id ef16892c-aa46-4aba-ae9a-d4fhsb1c612c  

Configure the backup-gateway, primary-gateway, Route Table ID (rtb), resource-group and next-hop for Azure

The resource group specified is the one which contains the route table referenced beneath it. The nextHopIp is the IP of the vEOS Router interface that traffic should be directed.


switch(config)#cloud high-availability
switch(config-cloud-ha)#peer veos2
switch(config-cloud-ha-peer-veos2-azure)#backup-gateway Subnet-2-vEOS-RouteTable resource-group my_resource_group_64f86970ffe24ab