Classification - Application Profiles

The existing commands in EOS are as shown below.


application traffic recognition
application ipv4 http-8080
{ protocol <proto> [ destination-port { <port_num> | <port-range> } ] }

protocol tcp destination-port 8080
protocol tcp destination-port 8000 
application ipv4 app2-service
protocol tcp destination-port 8001-8080

Applications is specified either with custom signatures specified using the application configuration as shown above or can be imported from a DPI engine. Application configuration might have to be extended to address the path-selection use case.


Applications can be grouped and other attributes like the traffic class can be specified using application-profile as below.

application traffic recognition
application-profile <app-xyz>
application <app-name-1>
application <app-name-2>	


Traffic-class is used for QoS in the datapath for path selection, queuing, rate limiting, and for other QoS configuration.

This example is for “platinum” application profile for all critical traffic like voice.

switch(config)#application traffic recognition
switch(config-app-recognition)#application-profile gold
switch(config-app-profile-gold)#application voice

“bronze” profile for best effort 
switch(config-app-recognition)#application-profile bronze
switch(config-app-profile-bronze)#application best-effort