Creating the Additional Network Interfaces

Creating the additional network interfaces required for the topology ensures that there are interfaces available to attach to CloudEOS and vEOS Router instances. When creating the new network interfaces, there is the option of using the subnet and security groups that were automatically assigned to the instance, or specify a different subnet and security groups for the instance.


To use the existing subnet and security group for the CloudEOS and vEOS Router instance, make sure to have the following information:
  • Subnet ID
  • Names of the security groups
Obtain this information by viewing the instance details.


Complete these steps to create network interfaces.

  1. Go to the EC2 Dashboard.
  2. In the NETWORK & SECURITY menu on the left part of the page, select Network Interfaces.
    The page refreshes to show all of the current network interfaces.
  3. Select the Create Network Interface button.
    The Create Network Interface dialog appears.
  4. Do the following:
    1. Enter a description for the network interface.
    2. Select the subnet for the network interface. (This can be the existing subnet for the CloudEOS and vEOS Router instance or a different subnet.)
    3. Type the names of the security groups for the network interface. (Specify the existing security groups for the CloudEOS and vEOS Router instance, or different security groups.)
  5. Select the Yes, Create button.
    The new network interface is added to the list of interfaces on the page.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to create additional interfaces as needed.
  7. For each network interface created, complete steps a and b:
    1. Select the interface, then choose Actions > Change Source/Dest Check.
      The Change Source/Dest Check dialog appears showing the selected name of the network interface.
    2. Select the Disabled option, then click on the Save button.

Attach the new network interface to a CloudEOS and vEOS Router instance (see Attaching the New Network Interfaces to Instances).