General Troubleshooting Tips

If the Cloud HA feature is not working as expected, follow these tips for debugging.

  • Make sure that the network connectivity is there and DNS server is setup correctly for this feature to work.
  • If using Proxy and IAM role under AWS, make sure that the HTTP traffic (TCP port 80) is not proxied to allow for temporarily security credentials to be retrieved by CloudEOS and vEOS instance.
  • Make sure to use a corresponding BFD source interface on the peer CloudEOS and vEOS instance. This makes sure that the BFD traffic ingress and egress are on the same interface on each instance.
  • For an AWS Specific Cloud, if the IAM role does not work, Arista recommends temporarily using access-key id and secret access key with enough permissions to make sure the rest of the Cloud HA configuration is fine until you debug IAM role policy.